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My Rainbow Body


My Rainbow Body offers kids and adults a whimsical introduction to their rainbow energy body and  chakras. Playful rhymes along side explanations of chakras and energy exercises will awaken readers to their rainbow energy body in a playful way.

     "I have a Rainbow Body, not everyone can see.

       It’s made up of seven, energy centers of me.

       Feet, bottom, belly, are firm on the ground,

      throat, eye, and crown, reach up to what comes down.

      When my heart, at the center, wraps around my single eye

      My rainbow body soars and dances across the sky."

An Intro to Chakras for Kids

Written and illustrated by J. O'Keefe

Product Details
Publisher: Grace Hall Publishing
Release:  2019
Hardcover ISBN: 
Paperback ISBN: 
eBook ISBN: 
Kindle ISBN: 
Category: Children's Picture Books
Illustrations: Color
Grades: Pre-k to 2
Ages: 2-7
Pages: 44 Pages
Juvenile Fiction: Stories in Verse
Juvenile Fiction: Chakras
Juvenile Fiction: Health & Daily Living
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